Jalas solo
Jalas solo

How often do you look back, audit yourself and see how far God has brought you?

On his morning wake up call today, Jalas wants you to remember the things that you always prayed for that you now have.

He says that we often forget to be grateful to God for what He has done for us thinking that we are the ones who did it. These things can be a baby, a husband or even a job.

We so often forget about the things we used to pray for that we have now. Immediately you get that which you wanted you forget that God was involved.” Said Jalas.

He added,

You know how someone prays and asks God for a job then once you get a job you think that you are the one who did it.

Jalas says as a human being the most thing to do is being grateful of that which you have now following your prayers then proceed and make your dreams even bigger ‘because God has already showed you that it can actually happen.’

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