mercy masika
image source: Courtesy mercy masika

Mercy Masika knows and understands a thing or two on what works and doesn't in marriage.

Having been married to Mr. Muguro for 13 years now, she knows that being a submissive wife works miracles.

She says that when she got married, being submissive to her hubby made her depressed but she had to learn the ropes and has perfected that art. 

Her greatest lesson? 'submission is not oppression.'

Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro
courtesy Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro

"When I got married I was depressed at those manenos. I was like neeeveeer. Until when I learnt the wisdom of God is better than mine own. Submission is not is Honoring your hubby..." wrote Masika.

She added,

"its treating him with respect. I have so reaped the benefits of submission in marriage that I learnt I am extremely powerful when i am submitted." 

In time where every young woman is being urged to normalize staying Taliban and not let anyone tell them what to do, I wonder whether they took the advice with a pinch of salt.