Hey the weekend is here after 60 business days and Jalang’o is reminding you that before you go out there and spend your money, at least make sure you send your parents kakitu.

He says it won’t make sense filling your gas tank while your parents are starving or don’t have enough back at home.

“Before you go and put that 18-years (whiskey) on that table before you order that KG of nyama. Before you go and fill up that tank for that road trip, before you book that one holiday can you ask yourself ‘how’s mum how’s dad?’” Jalang’o said.

He adds that if you had budgeted for that 18-year-old bottle of whiskey at least order a 12-year-old one and send your folks the balance. If you had planned a Sh100,000 holiday, go for a Sh80,000 one and send the balance to them.

“Before anythng else make sure the first queen is your mom make sure the first king is your dad. Send them something because it comes with a lot of blessings, ask me I’ll tell you.” He added.