Jalas solo
Jalas solo

This morning Jalas wants you to prove that you are irreplaceable at your place of work by showing that you are disciplined in what you do.

He urged his listeners to always put their best foot forward in everything they do because if they don’t, no matter how good they are, if there’s a less qualified but disciplined person around, then their jobs might be in danger.

He narrated how one of his friends is really good at what he does and always makes sure Jalas knows that he can’t do without him. He says that time and again he has been forced to seek other alternatives but knows a time will come when he won’t need him no more.

“One day my phone will go off on them and they will wish that they were just disciplined in their job. Sometimes people won’t care about how good you are but how disciplined and dedicated you are to your job,” said Jalas.

Watch the video below and be inspired in this brand new week;