Kamene solo
Kamene solo

Kamene is a lady in very high demand and those seeking her hand in marriage are willing to give up their livelihood for her.

Two Kenyan TikTok sensations going by the name of bishop maks comedy are the talk of town after they boldly offered three cows in exchange for Kamene Goro's hand in marriage. 

In a video doing the rounds on the interwebs, the two want to join Kamene in studio after getting rid of Jalang'o, promising to take good care of her. 

"Wewe Jalang'o utoke studio uende zako, utuwachie Kamene Goro... tutamlinda vizuri sana. Ata niko na ng'ombe tatu ya kumlipa..Akue mtu wetu... atakula vizuri..hatalala njaa," the duo said. 

Reacting to the hilarious video, Kamene told her fans to at least cease asking her whether she is taken.

"Excuse!!!!!! Nsiskie mkiniuliza kama Nikona mtu," she wrote.