Jamal and Amira
Photo: Courtesy Jamal and Amira

It is barely a month since Amira announced that she had dumped Jimal Rohosafi over 'disrespect' after the latter posted a video of Amber Ray on her birthday. 

The video came as a shock to then Jimal's wife Amira who thought he was done with Amber Ray.

Angered and disappointed by his actions, Amira called him out and even said she is ready to divorce him and lead a single life.

"As from today, kindly consider me a single mum. @Jimal_rohosafi get that divorce paper ready," wrote Amira.

Today, Jimal was spotted hanging out with Amber Ray and netizens were fast to notify Amira that 'her man' was busy with the very same woman she doesn't see eye to eye.

Amira took to her social media to address her followers on her relationship with Jimal revealing that the two are no longer together and people should stop associating her with her ex hubby.

"PSA!!! Am addressing this for the very last time!! Stop associating me with Jamal. You need to stop dragging me with every issue that you see out there, we’re no longer together. Am not his wife, he is not my husband, am not his problem, he is no longer my problem. Im only responsible and answerable to my kids!! KIELEWEKE," she wrote.