Kamene solo
Kamene solo


Apart from your beauty what else are you doing with your life? That is a question Kamene posed to her fellow babes.


The breakfast show presenter called upon young ladies to at least forget about their faces for a while and exercise their brains and secure their future.


Kamene’s challenge to her fellow babe is to try and read a book, learn about what is going on in the world, invest in education because once their beauty fades they will have something to fall back to.


“Babe, invest more in what will give you security of tenure, invest more in what is going to push you through your life. My face doesn’t pay me – it is my mind,” said Kamene.


She added that provided she will keep feeding her brain then she will be sorted for the rest of her life.


You feed it every single day, you will be so shocked what it can do for you a year from now. You are so ready easy to be given answers you don’t want to pursue them yourself. You don’t want to exercise your mind.” Added Kamene.


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