Khali cartel 4
Image: Courtesy Khali cartel 4

Khaligraph promised that he was going to give us a movie that would shake up the industry and the OG kept his word!

After disrupting the industry with Khali Cartel 1 back in 2018, Khaligraph has made it his sole mission to uplift up and coming artists who have gone to dominate the industry.

This time, OG who is the chief of police is on a mission to capture 6 armed robbers on a mission to conduct a massive heist.

The 6 gangsters are rappers; Katapilla, Shekina Karen, Murasta ,Achicho, Elisha Elai and Ben-c.

Every single rapper brings in a totally different dimension with everyone showcasing their prowess on the mic tactically delivering their flows blow by blow.

"After 2 Years, I present to you KHALI CARTEL 4, MOVIE TIME... Favourite one So far," wrote Khaligraph soon after dropping his latest jam.

Just less than 24-hours since it dropped on YouTube, Khali Cartel 4 is already trending at position 5 with over 220K views.

This is straight fire and if you don't believe me check out the jam below;