It's about that time when you get to listen to your favorite simp, you might want to pen this down.

If you are reading this, one- you are either single and ready to mingle or you are miserably single and you want to be booed up ASAP.

Finding your soulmate can be such an uphill task and you may give up and deflate like a student being handed his or her chemistry paper. Ooh! I also see you wanting to drop this dating unit, we don't do that here!

Here are some of the most common places you might get lucky to get your next partner. Take a minute or two, take a shower and look your best you might want to hang out with us so we can find you that ideal partner you long for.

Coffee shops

Once my best friend trying to encourage me in my single plight said "Get up, dress your best and head down town - get into a coffee shop and order, just do your thing and someone will approach your sorry self."

"Stop competing with the house furniture for attention" she insulted. What I mean is, your soulmate may be in that coffee shop you keep ignoring. Besides, coffee is not that sweet at home.



Those who prefer church girls and boys, it's time you went to church. I know it's been long since you stepped foot in church.

Alright, the key is to get involved with someone's son or daughter, but you can join a young adult bible study or a ministry while at it.

"Uko ndio kuna watu" My friend John and Michelle met in church, and now they are married with two kids.


I thank God there is preferences. If the above does not apply in your case, in simple, coffee shops and church are not your to-go-to places, clubs are just perfect.

What are you waiting for 'party animal' go get you person. Let me stress this, it's strictly important to get someone you vibe with. If you vibe with people who club and party, go for that hunny.


The weddings and friends' cookout events you keep skiving are potentially the best places you can connect with people and find yourself a date.

I know after this you are attending every event invited to, even a two-year old's birthday party. By all means go!

Hobby groups Game nights, hikes, swimming and friends' getaways are potential hot spots for getting your next match. Just be ready to turn up, flirt and mingle.