Image: Courtesy Phones

If you and your lover decided to exchange phones for a while, will your relationship survive or will it be the beginning of the end?

Many couples profess their love for each other but low key live a totally different life on their phones.

That explains the most complicated patterns and passwords on your bae's phone because the phone contains nuclear weapons that would end many relationships.

When Kamene posed that question to Kiss listeners she defended herself saying she would leave her phone unlocked in the presence of her man.

Jalang’o says what everyone might agree with - You will definitely get what you are looking for in your partner’s phone and advised couples to stop looking for ways to hurt themselves.

He says women can be petty and search the word ‘sweetheart’ or ‘babe’ on your phone and the results will be recipe for world war 3.

“This here phone seems to be at the heart of a lot of relationship issues and my question is; Is the problem really the phone or is the problem is that you actually just can’t trust your partner?” Kamene asked.

Apparently many relationships wouldn't survive based on the reactions online;

Sheesh: Yea madem we can,coz most of the time we give it real.

Akamalizz: Never.

Huzz twist: Infact you lock it thrice to survive.

Dopest: Hello..I would kwani ataona nini hajaiona...akitaka kuwa hurt atajipeleka uko but akikulike vile inafaa hatatafuta kitu wa kuwaachanisha.

Sammy Rence: Mine No.