Jalas kiss studio solo
Jalas kiss studio solo

Sometimes we wonder what it is we did to people we call family and friends to deserve the bad treatments we receive from them.


But how many times have you sat down, reflected and came to a conclusion that probably it is as a result of the things that we tolerate?


On his morning wake up call today, Jalas warned his listeners against tolerating certain behaviors because it will have a long term adverse effect on how they will treat you.

“If you keep on accepting the bad things people do to you and you move on and if you don’t stand your ground on things that are hurting you, things that you can’t take.

If you keep on accepting how they are treating you they will come to believe that, that is how you want to be treated.” Said Jalas.

He says the same people will assume that those bad behaviors are what you have accepted and you will never question them and will always take you as a joker.

By tolerating everything you are teaching people how to treat you and what you need to do is stand your ground and they will follow suit.