Kamene solo
Kamene solo

Kamene Goro has revealed she might be walking down the aisle next year.

The Morning Kiss presenter was proposed to his year, she says she has been dating her bae for almost a year.

Speaking during an interview with Bonga na Jalas, the bubbly Kamene shared, "I am off the market for good, you are the one who keeps thinking I am single. It will be a year in January."

Asked when the man will make it official and wed her, Kamene responded, "Maybe another couple of months. Let's wait and see, There is God, character development. Character development can happen but not to me. I am very soft I just do not take nonsense."

Asked whether her man will stop her from working on club gigs, Kamene responded, "I work for myself so the club gigs I do, I do so because I want to. He loves me to work so hustling is a must."