Image: Courtesy JALANG'O AND A195

'Jalang'o' has gone from having his name mentioned in songs to having one dedicated to him.

Up coming rapper, Andrew alias A195 has a new song named 'Jalang'o' which he says was inspired by the seasoned radio presenter.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100.co.ke, A195 who is a budding entrepreneur based in Thika, says he has followed Jalang'o's career for a while and his philanthropic acts is what inspired his rap song.

The 26-year-old rapper who dreams of meeting the Kiss FM presenter, says he has been doing music for a decade now and hopes that 'Jalang'o' will be his breakthrough song. 

Read on for a full transcript:

What is the meaning behind your stage name?

A stands for my first name Andrew and I am number one in everything I do, 95 is the year I was born.

What inspired the 'Jalang'o' song?

The main reason was because huyo jamaa huni inspire sana manze. I have seen him since akiwa papa Shirandula hadi hapa mahali amefika navile hukuwa na ile roho ya kupeana halafu nika feel hakuangi appreciated enough. So I took it upon myself kumtolea ngoma.

Were you paid to write the song?

I wasn’t paid and we don’t know each other and have never met. I just took it upon myself kutoa tu ngoma as an appreciation for what he has been doing for these people in the industry.

Did you have any expectations when he did the song?

Honestly I was hoping if I could meet him in person and have a one on one conversation just to tell him how much he means to me as an upcoming artist talk about general things. Talking to him face to face would be a dream come true.

Soon as Jalang’o listened to the song he loved it and that meant the world for A1 leaving an indelible mark which he will use to fuel his drive to work even harder.

Naskia jana he played my song on air and appreciated me and that response left me motivated to even do more projects.

The fact that he loved the song meant a lot for me. He also followed me on Instagram it is also a nice feeling.

Jam to 'Jalang'o' below;