Chatting vs cheating
Chatting vs cheating

Here is the latest episode of everyone is trash, men and women alike.

Are you sending flirtatious messages because you're a natural flirt and enjoy having banter with friends of the opposite sex?

If so keep texting and flirting. Life's too short and this is a bit harmless in my opinion.Your partner probably won't feel comfortable but if they know you better they will understand that you won't cross the line. Cut! I was acting.

Of course you are going to cross the line. In fact you have crossed it. You're cheating on your partner if you're flirting with other people.

If I was in a relationship, I'd have a rule - flirt by all means, but don't take action. Don't listen to me though, 'mimi ni fisi'

If you suspect that your partner is seeing someone else, you're probably looking for the tell- tale signs of cheating.

You're playing yourself bro. In this era, it's hard to really tell if your partner is under the sheets with someone else. When does texting cross the line and become cheating? Cheaters, it's your moment, let me hear your opinion!

Time of texting

Usually the later the text, the more sinister the intent. Why else would you be texting somebody's son or daughter in the wee hours of the night? All the late night banter are probably the prelude to a booty call.

Spending most of your time on your phone

People who cheat don't mind the environment around them. Your partner is just part of the furniture in the house, whoever you're texting is much more important than anything.

You've made changes in your routine so you can spend more time chatting with the other person

Change of attitude

It's a myth that cheaters become more nicer because they feel guilty of cheating. Remorse and cheats do not belong in the same sentence. A cheat will be a bit off-hand with you such as, not so affectionate and a little salty and hot tempered.

Anyone sending inappropriate messages to other people is leading a double life and this will damage your relationship and you. If you feel like the vibe in your current relationship is dead just walk away.

Cheating is such a deal breaker to many people. Don't hurt someone because you know they have a soft-spot for you and they can't do anything about your infidelity. Mindfulness is imperative!