Luo Festival
Luo Festival

The most special weekend of weekends is finally here. You know the one where your pockets are full and your excitement levels are on cloud nine -That is where we are and promoters have understood the assignment.

There are a million and one events planned to siphon the hard earned money in exchange for a good time, pombe, wamama and wababa!

The much anticipated Luo Festival is finally going down this weekend after it was postponed several weeks ago.

Wanavokali will be launching their album at the Nairobi Street Kitchen while Mr. Seed will be on his Black child album tour.

Below are a number of events you ought not to miss this weekend.

1. Party in the Bundus

2. Wendo Wine festival

The Wendo Wine Festival is an event planned to bring together wine lovers for an afternoon of learning, enjoying, and networking over a glass of wine. 

3. Luo Festival

4. Pork Festival

5. Mejja at Captain's Lounge

6. Album debut by Wanavokali at Nairobi street kitchen

7. Mr. Seed's black child album tour

8. Tanasha Donna live at Club Veteran