This morning Jalang'o narrated how he got in trouble for poking into his close friend's relationship.

Jalas says he was playing the role of not letting his friend date the wrong person only for the friend to become a backstabber and send a screen grab of their conversations to his babe.

"It put me in a very hard situation so I told this guy 'this babe wewe umemjua sahii it's a chic I know so well stay away'. Only for this guy to take a screenshot and sent to the babe.

To date the chic looks at me differently we meet sometimes because this is one of my best friends," narrated Jalas.


So the fact that they were in love sasa yeye akachukua hiyo screenshot, 'babe see what people think about us see people who don't wish us prosperity.' I didn't know what to do and was taken aback.

Jalas says since then he learnt his lesson and vowed to never poke into other people's relationships adding that whether they work out or not the friend will always come back to him.

"There are five people you cannot advise; A person in love, an Arsenal fan, prophet Owuor follower, Sonko and a slay queen. You can't advise (them) because they will always see you are the bad person." Added Jalas.

He says he would rather sit back and watch his friends fall in love with the wrong than say anything to avoid drama.