willy paul vs sanaipei tande
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Last week, Willy Paul was left hurt and crushed by Sanaipei Tande's words in an interview where she said she will never work with the former.

Reacting to those sentiments, Willy bashed Sana saying he was shocked she had such a bad attitude adding that he had worked with the best female artists and each one of them are better than Sana.

Willy said he had never wronged her and was left confused why Sana was so harsh towards him and refused to do a collabo with him.

Speaking for the first time regarding that Willy who spoke to Mungai Eve reiterated that he had never wronged Sana and the two only communicated via Whatsapp.

"Maybe she has something personal against me. It crushed me because growing up I used to listen to her because of her voice and her talent.

Because of that, I wished to one day work with her and Nyashinski. I do not know why she turned down my request for a collaboration. If you listened to that interview you can feel she was very bitter."

Willy Paul
image: Courtesy Willy Paul

He added;  "We have only talked on Whatsapp and when I asked her for a collabo she told me

'You and I are different so is the kind of music we do. I am a diverse artist I could have done any type of music."

Speaking to Willy M Tuva in an interview, Sanaipei Tande said she privately turned down Willy Paul's request for a collabo said that if he didn't understand why he was turned down then it's on him.

She went ahead and closed the door on any chances of working together.

Sanaipei Tande
Courtesy Sanaipei Tande