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When we were in primary school we always heard great stories of how sweet High School is and why we should work hard and try to get into good schools.

After we did that our teachers never gave us peace and always reminded us that once we made it to campuses we would never need to wake up early or work extra hard, successfully selling the 'life is juicer' narrative to most of us.

They advised us against focusing on girls, wasting our time sending them letters because; 'Once you get to campus the number of girls there is 3 times that of men and they will be the ones shooting their shots.'

Once we got to campus we realized that 8-4-4 was a scam and those trusted to motivate us to make it big used the wrong words to instill hunger in us.

We asked our Kiss FM online community to name some of the lies they were told about campus and man, I hope every liar has a special reserved seat in hell.

Its JB: Campus ni rahisi kuliko highschool.

Lewis Punyua: Madem watajileta.

Keyh: Wasichana watakuwa wanakukatia.

Chemutai Dahlia: Soma high school kwa bidii,campus ni walk over.

Mu Ganda: Handsome men in campus.

Kanani Ashley: aty huko ndio pali watu wanapata mabwana.

Val Gesare: Soma sai Campus uende kupumzika.

Max Kama: Maisha ni nyororo.

Josiah Ngarange: ati immediately after campus employers ndio wanakutafuta.....nimewatafuta siwapati.