Mulamwah and sonnie
photo: Sources Mulamwah and sonnie

For the first time Mulamwah's ex-girlfriend, has for the first time given an in-depth look into her failed relationship.

Speaking in an interview with one of the local radio stations, Sonnie revealed that Mulamwah dumped him but both of them were on the wrong. 

"Everything that needed to be known is laid out in that caption. It is not a joke. Issues come up...we saw its best for us to part ways...both of us were wrong," she revealed. 


She added;

"Ni yeye ndio aliniacha, Niliachwa! Maybe I was too good. I wronged him but we moved...just a normal mistake." 

The mother of one who seemed to be OK with Mulamwah's new flame says she knew her even before Mulamwah went public about her. However, she doesn't want that to hold her back.


"It is good, it is something I expected, I am not shocked. I know the girl... they are together. I will focus on my baby now and create content to build myself, lets not focus on what we lost," she said. 

Sonnie said it will take her some time to move on and right now she is not too focused about looking for another lover but to take good care of her daughter.

"I tried (to salvage our relationship) but it seems it couldn't work, I did what I could but haikuwezekana. I asked him for forgiveness... he said it was Ok then all over a sudden he changed his mind. I tried my part." 

The baby is mine, I will cater for her. Not moving on anytime soon, I am focusing on myself and the baby."

Hapa kimeumana!