Not many men love being friend-zone and DJ Sadic is one of them.

When Kamene called him 'my brother' this morning after Jalang'o tried to  play the role of a match maker between them.

When Kamene complimented Sadic's eyes Jalang'o was quick to shush her saying she'll lead her into temptation only for her to bro-zone him!

"You are my brother Sadic we are brother and sister in Christ."

When the gospel DJ got wind of that he reminded the curvaceous presenter that the two are not related and she shouldn't friend-zone him.

"Mhesh @jalangoo amesema nisichonge ndevu sana… Halafu @kamenegoro I’m not your brother please… najua watu wetu wote One Love Fam," wrote Sadic. 

Shooting your shot Sadic?