Malu has many of her fans and the shade roomies wondering the kind of tea she might want to expose to the public from a post she recently made

Malu Trevejo is a 19 year old Cuban lady who rose to fame  for her videos on which is now know as TikTok. Apart from the videos she is also a talented musician.

Malu who was previously signed under Travis Scott's Cactus Jack label and left a month ago, alleged that she unsuccessfully tried to reach out to American rapper Travis Scott to let her out of her contract.

She says she does not want to expose things from behind the scenes.

In a recent Instagram live Malu talked about the team being weird and still insisting on wanting out of the contract. The singer wrote on her Instagram story, “Travisscott let me out of the contract really don’t wanna expose the behind scenes sh*t so just let me out of it!!!!’’

The singer added on her next story writing, “Like whyyyy trying to hold me when u denied everything let me gooooo!!!!!! Nowwwwwwww.’’