"Having interviewed almost all the influential and amazing personalities, I wish to interview Mama Ngina. Imagine getting married to a president and later on your son becomes president. It must be such a beautiful feeling", Churchill revealed during his Churchill foundation launch last night at Serena Hotel.

The event was attended by the whose and the whose in Kenya and also from the diaspora, among them, Maina Kageni, Robert Burale, Terence Creative and his gorgeous wife Milly Chebbie.

Professor Hamo who performed his new music track, Mamito, Jemutai, among others.

The foundation mainly focuses on kids. Why kids, you may ask? "This is because kids are the future and this was inspired 15 years ago when I was doing the kid festivals", Churchill explained.

Churchill said that he has 10,000 contacts on his phonebook. "I did not know I had such a large community until Terrence and Milly Chebby donated me a phone and I backed up my contacts. He added he does not mind having a large number of people on his contact list because he meets so many people on a daily and some they exchange ideas and this life is all about relationships.

"Meeting all the people that I meet and maintaining relationships with them is important", he acknowledged.

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill is working on several books on kids that he is being helped to write and he is working on his biography in regards to his life and they will be coming out next year. They are little things that are exciting him about 2022.

"I did not want to combine churchill foundation with churchill show because Churchill show is more on the business side where people pay to watch the show then they leave. The broadcaster is happy and so is everyone else and the churchill foundation is more about doing things together. "I used to do it on my own because you can only do so much on your own", he concluded.