Jalang'o wants you to be keen on saving your dignity over getting embarrassed because you couldn't afford food or drinks at a hangout.

He says instead of going out with friends knowing really well you can't afford anything you should at least consider sleeping in or order what you can afford and avoid all the drama.

"You know it's not a must you go out if you are to go to a club and almost look like a beggar asking for drinks it is not a must. Yes the festive season is here and maybe a few things you are doing here and there haven't worked out so you are not financially prepared for the December holiday." Said Jalang'o. 

Jalang'o says instead of going out there and looking desperate, a good drink and sleep to just re-think and strategize would be ideal.

Additionally, he wants you to avoid a situation where you are a topic on everyone's mouth because of small things like 'He or she showed up with nothing'

You'd rather keep your dignity than be a beggar out there for things like drinks and food.

Echoing her colleague's words Kamene added; Mimi husema hivi unaweza baki kwa nyumba na Indomie yako na mayai una watch Chicago med, ulale uamke ukiwa fresh.

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