savara kamene and jalas
savara kamene and jalas

Savara 34, of Sauti Sol boy band paid us a visit on Friday morning for KIss FM unplugged and his energy levels just brought positive vibes in studio.

Among the things he discussed, Savara touched on the alleged rumors or fears that the band are on the brink of breaking up. The rumors were fueled by the announcement that they were all pursuing individual musical journeys.

Savara says he understands the worry from fans and he says it shows that they care about the group and wish the best for them but they are not planning on breaking up.

"Tumekua pamoja for 15 years and we needed growth because we have different sentiments. It's time to let Chimano grow, it is time to let Savara grow so that we don't influence each other that much ndio tutoe vitu fresh manze." Said Savara.

Below is a transcript of the KIss FM unplugged interview;

But is it the beginning of the end?

What I like about that is that they (fans) care. Hatuwezi. Hatuko 21 sazile maisha inakupeleka mbio ndio unaeza fanya hizo stuff. Sauti Sol is the government we are ambassadors.

The most difficult band member? 

To be real if I'm not feeling it I'm not feeling it. Chimano is also a straight up guy, Bien would try to reason out and Polycarp would just chill. Chimano and I when we are out of it we are just out of it.

Most emotional?

Bien and I but we are all emotional in different light. Chimano also has his days.

Who cries the most?

I do. The last time I cried was just the other day when I was listening to my album.

Savara just released his first single 'balance' off of his up coming 'savage level' album that contains 14 songs produced by himself.

So for the album I wanted to introduce Savara to the world and that's why it's late. I wanted to pay homage to where I came from.

Check out the interview below;

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