Christmas is just 5 days away and with the way Kenyans have been badly affected economically, one can't help but wonder how many are well prepared for the festive season.

While posing the million dollar question to her listeners, Kamene highlighted how many hotels are not yet operating fully due to lack of money. They are still feeling the effects of Covid-19 and the lock down and curfew didn't do them any favor.

Most callers said they have no plans to travel to their rural homes and would rather remain in Nairobi hustling and see whether they can send some money home instead.

Below are some of their reactions; 

I can't because the cost of living is so high and ad for me I don't think I'll be going home ill hang around Nairobi waiting for it to pass.


Second caller:  Hii Wacha tu nitulie Nairobi, maisha imekuwa ngumu kila kitu ni hard mimi hata sina shillingi kumi. Ukifika ushago wamekungoja eti watu wa Nairobi wamefika.

Third caller: Mimi Niko fiti niko Kisumu. This December heri tutulie tao tutumie watu wa ushago kakitu tuonane January.