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It is that time of the year again when Kenyans travel in droves to celebrate Christmas festivities up country.

After last year's Christmas period saw most Kenyans remain in urban towns the story is expected to be different this time round and the mood is definitely unique compared to last year's.

However, our shoshos and gukas back at home always have a tendency of asking uncomfortable questions that leave most embarrassed and not looking forward to those family reunions.

We asked our Kiss FM online community to share some of the questions they hope they won't be facing this time round and well all I can say is I feel them and I can very much relate.

Muthoni Ess: Wapi mtu?

Chriz Ziroh: Unaoa lini kijana yetu?

Cutey Amina: Heee na uliweka tatoo?

Makau Bn: Iko wapi transcript tuone kama unasomanga university

Cupid: Mbona sku hizi sioni statuses zako na profile pic 

Bossette: umekondaa,kwani uko shule hukuli?

It looks like most of you will be filling up some questionnaires in the near future.