"Last time I vied for Nairobi women rep I missed it very narrowly but this time we will get the Senate position," Karen Nyamu spoke on her political ambitions and how she plans on running the campaigns in her current pregnant state.

"I have been pregnant before and I did not stop working, I worked till the very last day before I delivered my baby. So I do not see any difference. Campaigning is just a job like any other."

Karen Nyamu acknowledges that although Samidoh is the father of her kids, smart, understands the ground and people and a very good friend of hers, she made it clear that she does not really need artists to perform in her campaigns. She also came clean that Samidoh will not be performing for her since his political affiliation is not with UDA, and that is the political party Karen is vying under, unless that changes.

On the changes and developments that she is planning to deliver to Nairobi county, the mother of two stated, "Nairobi gets a lot of revenues from the government and collects a lot of money from licences and all the revenue channels we have in the county but that money is not felt on the ground and since the work of a senator is oversighting the county government I will be making sure that the Nairobians feel the services of their county government and the money has effect on its people."