lessons free
lessons free

They say we live and we learn and kuishi kwingi ni kuona mengi. 2021 was a whole different roller coaster compared to 2020 and to some it was smooth to some eye opening while to some it was just an year to forget.

However, with the wins and losses and stability as well we all learned a thing or two along the way, be it in our careers, families and friends as well as relationship-wise.

We asked our Kiss FM online family to share with us the hardest truths they've learned this year and boy if you won't gain some wisdom from their feedback then I have no news for you.

Mukami Diana: You only support you. Nobody else will and no one will show up for you....

Val Bunny: Kutrust mwanaume ni kiherehere yako and you deserve to be disappointed! STAY TALIBAN

Tessy: People ain't whom you think they truly are,, it hurts

Shee: No one stays forever...people leave all at once

Phelix: Friends wanakuitia sherehe but form na hustle is where they draw the line

Musembi Kanini: You can try your level best but fail in life.Its not our fault

Mighty: You are your worst enemy, always fight your bad self.

What are the lessons or the hard truths that you have learnt so far this year?