Sometimes we underrate the roles and values of our fathers until they are no more, especially during the festive seasons.

Daddy Owen compares his Christmas experience while his father was alive and in his absence.

"When my father was still alive, organizing for the Christmas festivities was easier since they would only order what they wanted at home and all we would do was send money and my father would get it all, slaughter whatever was to be slaughtered and we would only go to feast.

But in his absence and considering the fact that my mother is now alone we have to physically be there for the festive preparations in order to help her out." He said.

Daddy Owen is an amazing gospel artist who is vocal and never ashamed of showing his vulnerability because that is what makes him human.

He opened up on the gap that his father left in his life.

"I love my mother so much but no one will ever fill my father's space in my heart and in my life. I miss his advises and wise words. I honestly feel that if he were still alive, I would have handled my recent difficult moments more easily and in a better way"