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Life is all about accepting small wins and appreciating the smallest of things and opportunities that come your way.

You need to be wise enough to know that there are things that you absolutely don't need in your life and there are things that take time to gain. 

Have you ever sat down, looked at things and people around you and took a moment to appreciate them?

Also have you ever looked at things that people have and gush about, things that you don't have and still thought that you are happy without them? You would be shocked.

One netizen asked her followers to name things that they lack but still have absolutely no stress about. We decided to ask our online family and as hilarious as some answers are they make so much sense.

Below are some of the feedback we received;

Paula: Bwana.

Patrick Gaita: KRA pin na sina pressure!!

Reen Lagat: Mpenzi.

Anastacia Njuguna: Passport.

Spoiler Njuguna: Dem...niko single na enjoy.

K Man: akili.

Francis Kamau: Safari boots

African Papi: Sura.

Ogy 254: Ndege.

Kiki: Sina followers na hainishtui.

Geezara: Hagga na hainipei stress.

Soloardent: Ndevu.