Kiss FM's Cyd wambui
Kiss FM's Cyd wambui

Kiss FM's drive show co-host, Cyd Wambui has a had quite an year! She co-hosts the drive show with Chito after joining Kiss FM family earlier this year.

This morning, the mellow voiced Cyd was hosting the Sunday breakfast show and she took to her Twitter to celebrate the milestones she has achieved for the last 12 months.

She opened up on being depressed and living at home on this very day last year for not securing a job. She says an year later she is in studio on a Sunday morning and 'living my wildest dream'

She wrote; 26th Dec 2020, I was 24, still living at home, depressed about not being further along, I felt like a failure. 26th Dec 2021, I am living my wildest dream. I am in a studio I never thought I was 'celebrity' enough to be in. Sunday breakfast kisses @Kiss100kenya

Touched by her testimony, Chito wrote; Alaaaaar! Congratulations sister! Always proud of your strides 2022 is going to be bigger.

In a previous interview with Word Is, Cyd revealed that this is her first ever media job and it came when she was almost giving up after being jobless for two years since her graduation.

"I used to listen to Caroline Mutoko at a very young age. I would imitate her voice and all. People who know me know how I am passionate about radio.

Kiss FM is a big brand and I never expected I would ever work with them coz I always thought these big radio stations hire personalities with big names."

She said she applied for the job over six months ago and forgot about it.

"I was like, if this never happens, I will look for another job coz media is not for me. I promise to give them the best coz this is a passion. A girl who is on a journey. I want people to see me grow."

cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

Cyd says she is not tapping into the negativity that comes with the pressure but she is going with the moments.

"My dad is happy that I can pay my rent. I am the firstborn of seven. My dad thought it was a waste of money. It's kinda a good pace for my siblings. My mum has also studied journalism and so she was so proud that I got the job."

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