emmy kosgei
emmy kosgei

Gospel sensation Emmy Kosgei has defended the gospel industry saying that there is still pure and raw talent and people should not be misguided by a few so called gospel musicians.

"There is a lot of freshness in the Gospel industry. I believe in pure talent and ministry and introducing people who are doing things silently but impacting the world is what Impact awards is all about," said Emmy.

She added that it is not about being loud online or having many followers but there is a loudness that is more powerful and that is making an impact in the spiritual realm.

The Taunet Nelel hit maker said that the Kenyan Gospel industry has not failed but it is the person you are following, when they fail, you feel the whole industry has failed. The loud ones are the ones who make people think the industry is failing.

"The Gospel industry is intact and there are men and women who are powerful. It is wrong to conclude that because of 2 or 3 people who are loud, went out, that there is a blurry line.

"It is clear that those who are not gospel are not gospel and vice versa. You cannot be a christian and having fights and that is why the bible says that you shall be known by your fruits. In this kingdom, God is the boss. We cannot be fighting and calling yourself a christian. Before you become a Gospel singer you should first be a born again christian," the Kalenjin global sensation stated.


Emmy encouraged people to learn the art of appreciating their parents and gifting them in small or big amounts since that is all that we owe them.

"When my mum was awarded last year, I gifted her a car because she deserves it and that was an opportunity to celebrate her. My mum is very quiet, my mum is not demanding and she does not ask and since she is aging I saw it worthy to get her a machine. Surprises really shock her so we were very careful doing it.


Speaking about marriages Kosegi who is married to Apostle Anselm Madubuko from Nigeria advised lovers not to enter into marriages with set goals.

"It is good to dream and have visions but it is good to flow. Enter in there and interprate it the best way you can since people are different and each marriage is a different race. There is no script for marriage because God is the one who ordains it so let it flow."