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Remember back in high school days when you used to go see your favorite auntie, pass by that play station shop or do some shopping soon after you were released during half term?


Well it seems like that Nairobians carry that very habit even at this age. Everyone has that ka one stop they make immediately they reach their destination.

Be it to a local pub, loved one's grave, favorite cousin or even to the shamba to inspect their projects, these are some of the first stops Nairobians love making according to Kiss listeners. 

Mukami: Kwa waterfall. Yeah we have a waterfall karibu na home

Jane Mwendwa: Kaburi ya granny

John Mwangi: Lazima niende apo local bar atleast nisikie kama kiongos

Shania Bright: My dad's grave

Obwoge: Ile choo ya ocha mazeee kuna vile feeling hu hit diff

Mweu Stella: Mum's grave

Sheen Rozell: Mti ya plums

Celine Gathoni: Kwa kitchen ya shags kuchoma waru

Nairobi Finest: Kwa Bibi ya neighbor ,,was my crush

Moseti: Napiga lap moja hatari around the hood

Hunkie OG: Kwa Village Soccer games