Mulamwah and Sonnie
Mulamwah and Sonnie

Mulamwah's ex lover, Sonnie is not a happy woman after she got wind of rumors alleging that she broke up with her man is because of her baby Keilah.

In a video seen by, Sonnie who was visibly angry refuted claims that Mulamwah isn't Keilah's dad terming them as 'fake news'

Sonnie says she has been receiving numerous calls from her relatives regarding the rumors and that pushed her to the edge.

"There are these very specific people that have been spreading fake news about whatever led sijui wanatafuta tu reasons why I broke up with Mulamwah. Let me make this clear, the reason why I broke up with Mulamwah is not because of Keilah and Keilah is Mulamwah's baby." Said Sonnie.

MUlamwah and sonnie
MUlamwah and sonnie

She added;

So for your information grow up and shame on you (to those spreading fake rumors) Huna hata adabu why would you make such comments? I am getting so many calls from my relatives wakiniuliza kama hiyo information ni ukweli. I never made such comments or statements.

She went ahead to ask those spreading the malicious rumors to stop soiling her name, Mulamwah's and that of their daughter Keilah.

Wacha ujinga! Stop soiling my name, stop soiling Mulamwah's name and stop soiling Keilah's name for God's sake it's not even funny anymore guys. It's fake news! Wacha ujinga bana grow up!

Check the video below;

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