Jalas 2022
Jalas 2022

2022 is here and the first Monday of the year is already moving fast with three days of the year done and dusted.

Before you cut people off and call people toxic for not subscribing to your needs and demands Jalas wants you to take advantage this early and make the year yours!

"Nobody wanted to say '2022 is my year' because they didn't know how the year will be. But you know one thing these things start by claiming that 'this is my year!'" said Jalas.

He added,

Go out there shout it out and say this is my year this is the year you want to make a difference in your life. Hata kama watu wengine wameogopa this is the year.

He says whether you are planning to graduate or even get married, say it out loud and claim it as opposed to being silent about your dreams.

"Whatever happens let it happen but you said you it that this is the year ypu wanted to make a step in your life, this is the year you wanted to go back to school, this is the year you wanted to quit alcohol, go out there and claim the year!" Jalang'o added.