Katerina limbofest ft Awicko
Katerina limbofest ft Awicko

Upcoming music powerhouse group Limbofest on Monday released "KATERINA" a single which they featured Awicko.

KATERINA is a young beautiful lady that overpowers a man's heart and has to do whatever it takes to fulfill his heart's desire in making sure he offers whatever he can in his capabilities for his lovely Katerina.

It is a beautiful song that depicts daily love triangles in our society. The single takes fans on a love journey that every man probably goes through at some stage in life in matters relationships.

The song communicates the hurdles that a young man has to go through in matters of assurance to the girls (KATERINA) that indeed she is loved and that the love is real.

“KATERINA” captures the attraction, joy and palpitations that come with reciprocated emotion.

LIMBOFEST invites you to continue dancing to the beautiful tunes of love that almost every man goes through at some point in life.


LIMBOFEST is a musical trio made up of Emmanuel Magero AKA Malen, Emmanuel Ouma AKA Buznoel and Mark Mukabi AKA Amek.

Their journey began in 2020 with the coming together of friends and family who quickly realized that their common passion for music and deep desire to perform could lead to the creation of something beautiful and thus the beginning of LIMBOFEST LIMITED, an entertainment and promotions company that the artists are now signed under.

With the release of KATERINA, one of so many to come LIMBOFEST targets to receive critical acclaim this year, capturing the hearts of millions across our targeted region.