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Are there really any words sweeter than 'I love you?'

Those three magical words are capable of overthrowing any government or even capable of motivating an unfit man into participating in a triathlon competition.

Well we all know "Is this your M-Pesa number?" or 'Send me your account number' are other words powerful enough to be sweeter than 'I love you' but Kenyans seem to have way more others! 

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Check out responses from our Kiss FM online community;

EllZen: "Nieke kwa number gani"

Shaleen Nyambura: Kuja tukule

Baba Zuri: "Sawa basii....usinimess siko safe"

Laurah: There is nothing seeeter like mprsa confirmed

Toty Mutai: Congratulations you are invited for an interview

Lil Moseh: Congratulations your ticket has won. New balance

Evans Mwendwa: Enda ufunge mlango

Betty Jacco: take this BMW M3 E46 M3 coupe is yours

Val Gesare: Check your messages,umepata? 

Cure:  "Tao mbao"

Tris Nyaks: Have u eaten?