Jackie Matubia
Image: Courtesy Jackie Matubia

Former Tahidi High actress, Jackie Matubia is expecting baby number 2! 

Matubia who plays Nana on Zora, broke the news on Wednesday to her Insta followers with a brilliant TikTok video.

"Itabidi mmenijudge juu I can’t explainBaby number 2 #blessed," Jackie wrote. 

The mother of one joins Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa who also announced that they are expecting a baby this year.

On Tuesday morning, Jalang'o revealed that celebrity couple, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy are expecting a baby as well!

Speaking to Kamene Jalang'o said; Nadia pia awache kuvaa ma sweater Wacha mimba itoke. (Nadia should stop hiding the baby bump with big sweaters, unveil the pregnancy!) You know they visited me at home and see I am telling you. It's true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot first.

The year has started on a high note with celebrities ether expecting babies, tying the knot or beefing with each others. We are here for it all!

Congratulations to Jackie!