nadia mukami
nadia mukami

Nadia Mukami is known across the continent and world over for her dynamic Afro pop music sound which has made her a household name in Kenya.

This time, the 'Wangu' hitmaker has once again proved that she can be versatile with her talent as she decides to test waters in the Amapiano world with her latest 'Bella' song.

According to Nadia, 'BELLA means a Beautiful Woman!!' She added,  This is a project celebrating the Beauty of women in all their flows(sic) 'As a Young woman, I never knew there was a time I would be talking to young women on issues pregnancies, complications & motherhood journey!!

She added, Women are special!! I have over 100 DMs from women!! ( I am not kidding) Yesterday I received the craziest DMs I have ever had in my career!!!! I repeat, WOMEN are special & I take this chance to ask you to treat your daughter, sister, Wife & friend with utmost respect & sensitivity and let’s make the world a better place!!

Nadia thanked her fellow women for for opening her eyes saying that they are the reason she got vulnerable.

Check out 'Bella' below;


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