Kamene and Jalas had an interesting conversation this morning regarding the problems taxi drivers go through in line of duty on a day to day basis.

The taxi business especially those who operate at night go through the most and the two presenters decided the time is ripe to call out the clients who make them go through hell.

Such problems include those who don't want to pay for the service, those who want to hire taxis as lodgings as well as those offer to pay taxi services with sex.

Narrating how a friend of his once found himself in trouble with a taxi driver, Jalang'o said; I had a pal ameingia kwa taxi amevuta shtundu amelewa na akableki aliingia kama amesema tu 'lang'ata'

The taxi driver had to park at a petrol station alale aamke and he had to be charged for wasting time, for sleeping and for the services, he parted with Sh8,000.

Kamene narrated how one of her drunk male friends sat on the passengers seat in a taxi and at some point was touching the driver's beards making him uncomfortable the entire trip.

To the broke ladies who usually want to pay for the services with their bodies, Jalas had an interested advice.

Sema tu mapema "enyewe kama naenda rongai na sina pesa but naweza kupea mavitu"

Are you a taxi driver? What are some of the troubles clients have put you through in line of duty? share with us.