Makena Njeri (in black cap) during a protest in Nairobi Image: Mercy Mumo
Makena Njeri (in black cap) during a protest in Nairobi Image: Mercy Mumo

This morning, former BBC journalist Makena Njeri and other LGBT members joined forces as they took to the streets of Nairobi to protect a directive by Education CS George Magoha to have gay students out of boarding schools.

Makena Njeri (in black cap) during a protest in Nairobi
Makena Njeri (in black cap) during a protest in Nairobi

The Bold network CEO led the peaceful demonstrations with their goal to  to petition the directive.

Makena said they has a peaceful and successful march where they managed to give out their petition.

"Today we had one mission. To March in the streets to the ministry of education to hand over our petition to the CS.

This came after discriminatory statements were made by the CS earlier this month citing that Gay children should not be allowed in boarding schools.

Our march today was to remind the leaders that they should be protecting all children who have a right to education anywhere they want regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Children of the Republic of Kenya have a right and they shall not be discriminated by the same government that should be protecting them.

Thank you @marylize_biubwa for organizing this! We are Bold.

We had a peaceful, frustrating but successful march and we managed to give out our petition. We await a response from the office."


Other members of the community and their allies  including Sauti Sol's Chimano and media personality Anita Nderu were in solidarity with those on the ground as they took their social media to comment about the directive.

Chimano shared; "Our rights are human rights. #queerrightsarehumanrights. We're here, always been here, we'll stay being here!" Chimano shared. 


Anita Nderu called out Magoha's directive terming them as a discrimination to the LGBT community and she called for more education and awareness pertaining the community.

We all have a right to education! The injustice behind the recent decision by the Ministry of Education is discrimination.

We need more awareness & education pertaining to the community as opposed to creating laws as a result of ignorance, propaganda, entitlement or silence from the non oppressed.

Students torching schools needs to be investigated as opposed to finding a scapegoat in order to avoid addressing the issue. We shine in so many aspects as a country but refuse to accept basic human rights.