Jalas 2022
Jalas 2022

Today's wake up call by Jalang'o was all about him telling us the hard truth about how harsh the society works.

Jalang'o says that even as you are happy and busy celebrating that which you have and that which you have been working hard for there is someone out there wishing you didn't and isn't happy for what you are achieving.

"Every single step you make in life that car that you bought, that job that you got not everybody is happy for you. Even that simple land that ka 50x100 umebarikiwa nayo. As you are thanking God for it other people are not happy about it so all you have to do is give them a show every single time." Jalang'o said.

Jalang'o says the only and sweeter way to focus on them is by moving forward, not losing focus or the sight of what you really want.

He says when you are out and about with your daily hustles you should always walk boldly knowing that you are putting up a show for so many people who don't like you and who will only be happy when you fail and will only want to talk to you when you win.

Watch the video below;