Jalang'o solo
Jalang'o solo

This morning on his wake up call, Jalang'o reiterated the need to always be impactful with your life before your days on earth comes to an end.

Jalang'o is a strong crusader of going out there and doing something with your life, no matter how big or small it is as long as you don't sit and wait for things to get better.

He called upon his listeners to always aspire leaving an impact and a legacy that will forever be admired by those they will leave behind.


"When you sleep on flowers they call it your first time, when flowers sleep on you they call it your last time. Between you sleeping on flowers and flowers sleeping on you what have you done?" Jalang'o said.

What is this that we are gonna remember you with? What is this thing that you'll look back and say; 'You know what? I did it'

Be inspired today by watching the video below;