KRG the Don kiss studio
KRG the Don kiss studio

Back in December, wealthy rapper KRG The Don shared a video of himself hanging out with Jamaican superstar Konshens.

The controversial rapper went ahead and revealed that the two were in the process of working on a project together. 

A month later, the father of four reveals that the project is complete and what's remaining is shooting the video to the unreleased project.

Speaking to Jalang'o on Friday, KRG says the two are planning to shoot the video in Miami, USA and it will happen soon and he says the project will introduce him to the world.

"Nataka nipange time hayuko (Konshens) busy sana niende Miami tu shout video. Audio imeisha sasa imebaki video." Said the 'Densi' hit maker.

Sasa unajua video tukiifanyia hapa haitakuwa na any meaning tushafanya video nyingi hapa Kenya wacha tujaribu pia mahali pengine.

Miami ndio fiti kwa sababu ni party life so lazima tufanye kitu amazing juu ana represent dance hall to the world and kwa sababu ashanipatia platform fiti ya kuji introduce to the world mbona nifanye vitu local? 

Watch the video below;

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