Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

Kamene and Jalas are long time friends and have known each other for over a decade and their chemistry on air have made many question their relationship.

There have been rumors that the two are dating despite Jalang'o being a happily married man and the Lang'ata MP aspirant thinks it is disrespectful for anyone to even assume that.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on Kiss 100 Youtube with our very own Grace Makena, Jalas responded;

"Kamene is my babe, She is the first woman I see every day after my wife. She is the woman I spend most of my time with. Kamene is my side chick. On a serious note though, it is so disrespectful to think Kamene and I are dating."


"I see people try to justify their stupidity by saying walituona pamoja. I respect her a lot. When a woman is growing and become a better person people always assume she is sleeping with someone. Imagine us dating and working together. She has a boyfriend who is even my friend."

Jalas also touched on the 'Wash wash' scandal saying it really hurt him.

"The worst thing people have said about me is about me being in 'wash wash' business. It's very sad that you can work so hard and people say such things.

If I am in 'wash wash' business how about the people saying? Si waingie pia wajaribu. If I knew how it's done I would have joined.

People have said so many things about me the only thing that remains is me dying. There is nothing people have not said about me."

Watch the entire video below;