Hessy film set to premier this february
Hessy film set to premier this february

Kenyan film 'Hessy' is set to premiere in February.

The series is a Drama and action film which evolves around Nairobi crimes.

The main theme of the film is police brutality, it depicts how society perceives the police in relation to crime and how it helps promote rogue cop activities.

The film is around the character Hessy who has been raised, schooled, and fronted for recruitment into the police service by his uncle who is a crime lord.

He does not know the nature of his uncle's job, but he comes to find out later.

Corruption is also an evident theme in the film, it shows how criminals and rogue cops have a relationship that is of mutual benefit, which involves criminals paying homage to the rogue cops for protection and lesser punishment.

It also shows the less known organized crimes, the hierarchy of these criminal organizations and how people in the society live double lives to act as cover to their crime related activities.

The cast include's Fred Wazo as Hessy, former Machachari actor Malik Lemuel, Arabron Nynegue, Ben Ojuwa, Gideon Aginga, Kauthai Kangethe among others.

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