Facing false accusations by Latasha Kebe, popularly known as Tasha K, famous rapper and songwriter Cardi B received a sum of £927,437.50 to cater for the damages incurred from Tasha’s remarks on the rapper’s past life.

The singer’s lawyer said comments and videos on Tasha K’s YouTube channel, UnWinewithTashaK, with over one million subscribers, caused the singer “Embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress.”

Cardi B’s team claimed that the YouTuber started making harassing and disregarding statements on the singer in 2018 and went on, even claiming that the rapper had once worked as a prostitute.

During the trial, the singer’s lawyer said Latasha Kebe had started a campaign to damage and destroy Cardi’s reputation among her fans and the consuming public from her YouTube channel.

Cardi B is a well renowned artist with award-winning songs and albums such as ‘I like it’ and ‘Invasion of Privacy’ respectively.

Further proceedings by the court, will decide whether Tasha K has to pay additional damages and reimburse Cardi B's legal expenses.