Today on The Morning Kiss with Kamene Goro, Jalang’o along with guest host Dr. Ofweneke, a modern relatable subject came up when the comedian ‘Doctor’ explained to Kamene how barber shops (kinyozis) are men’s safe space.

Backing up his statement, Ofweneke added that the only women allowed in barber shops are the massage ladies who, according to the comedian, are excellent when giving massage services to men.

Kamene on the other hand arguably stated that only wives are supposed to give massages to their husbands since these masseuses are getting too touchy with the men paying for the services.


In relation to the story, both men and women on social media gave out valid reasons on the subject matter. Women stating that these massage therapists are extremely touchy while the men said that the masseuses are better at massaging skills than their wives.

In conclusion, both hosts came to an agreement that its OK for the men to get massages but “…can we not have X-rated massages.” Was Kamene’s wrap-up statement on the topic.