image: kiss100 kenya
Jalas, Kamene and Obinna image: kiss100 kenya

On the morning Kiss, Kamene and guest co-host Oga Obinna brought up a topic on toxic relationships surrounding Kenyan couples.

Citing a recent incident of a man who murdered a 4-month-old baby in the process of disciplining the wife who, in his defense, claims that she allegedly cheated on him.

In the discussion, it is alleged that the baby didn’t belong to the guy and upon finding out that, the man beats up his wife using a belt and when the baby started crying, the man swings the baby across the room to a wall, which the impact ends up taking its life.


 “Beating the lady and beating the child” were mistakes Obinna outlined when criticizing the act. Quoting the brother, Obinna gives an incident where the brother found his wife cheating and the wife, in response, says “It is my body I give it to who I want.”

Rallying against abuse, Kamene and Obinna denounced physical, mental and spiritual abuse against spouses claiming that the battle affects the children’s mental health resulting to anxiety, manic depression or post-traumatic stress disorder to kids subjected in toxic environment.

Signing off the topic, advise given was leave toxic relationships for the betterment of your kids and the battle with spouse has nothing to do with your child.