'Friday feeling' hit maker Willis Austin Chimano has opened up further regarding the inspiration behind his 'Heavy is the crown' album where he spoke about the need to be fearless in matters regarding one's insecurities.

Referencing his Heavy is a crown EP cover, Chimano added that you don’t need any validation from anyone about either your body or sexuality.

“It’s about you crowning yourself,” he said in relation to the EP which is set to be released a week before his show scheduled on February the 26th.

His 7-track Ep is more about on his sexuality and hopes that any artist wouldn’t have to go through what he endured to get to where he is.

Asked about coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+, he vocalized that it was time to come out and “… saa zingine unachoka tu.”, explaining that everyone has a secret in their own closet sighting insecurities such as embarrassing body appearances, sexuality or addiction.

He advised on ‘jumping’ out of the closet in whatever Insecurity they face.


In relation to the topic, host Grace Makena inquired about his love life and asked whether the Sauti Sol artist would reveal any marriage plans to which he responded; “I will keep that side of me private, nimejaribu sana kuiweka private.” claiming that his lover isn’t fond of the lime light.